Detail of piece by James Mollison

Where Children Sleep: Photographs by James Mollison

Jul 11, 2016 – Oct 28, 2016
Every Mon,Tue,Wed,Fri9pm – 5pm
Every Thu9pm – 7pm


Photographer James Mollison’s breathtaking photography series, "Where Children Sleep," captures deeply personal portraits of children from around the world, alongside images of where they sleep each night. The photographs are arresting in the shocking disparity they portray. The viewer is also reminded of the vulnerability of all children and their need for safe, stable and nurturing environments. So much of these children’s experiences, their daily lives, and their most quiet moments before drifting into sleep are shaped by their circumstances and by conditions beyond their control. The environments in which they are born, live, learn, work, play, worship, age and sleep affect a wide range of health functioning and quality of life outcomes and risks that affect their entire lives.



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