Pop-Up Magazine’s 2019 Winter Issue

Feb 11
Mon, Feb 117:30pm – 10pm
General Admission$29 adv
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Pop-Up Magazine is a live magazine, created for a stage, a screen, and a live audience. Contributors tell vivid, never-before-told, multimedia stories accompanied by illustration, animation, photography, and an original score performed onstage by musical collaborators, Magik*Magik Orchestra. End the night gathered around the bar, performers and audience together. And nothing goes online after—you have to be there to see it.

Contributors to the 2019 Winter Issue show in Atlanta include musician Will Butler (Arcade Fire); writers Josie Duffy Rice (The New York Times, Slate, Ebony), Ed Yong (The Atlantic; New York Times-bestselling We Contain Multitudes), Francesca Mari (California Sunday Magazine, Texas Monthly), Jenée Desmond-Harris (The New York Times Op-Ed), and Rowan Jacobsen (A Geography of Oysters); filmmaker Sophia Nahli Allison (Sundance Institute New Frontier Lab); and audio producers James T. Green (The Outline, Gimlet Media’s The Nod) and Stephanie Foo (This American Life).

The 2019 Winter Issue will change the way you think about memory; pay homage to one of the fathers of the electric guitar; tell a true-crime story that begins at a "sex therapy institute"; attempt to bring a flower back from extinction; and much, much more.



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