Paul Barnes
Photo courtesy of University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Paul Barnes – Love, Death & Resurrection

Sep 16, 2018
Sun, Sep 163pm – 4:30pm
Paul Barnes


Inspired by the untimely passing of many of his closest friends, pianist and chanter Dr. Paul Barnes explores the profound musical treatment of love and death in the music of Philip Glass, Franz Liszt, and ancient Byzantine chant. Glass wrote his 1992 opera Orphee after the death of his wife from cancer. The opera explores the timeless themes of sacrificial love and death. Likewise, Franz Liszt's monumental Ballade No.2 has multiple interpretations including the Orpheus legend. Juxtaposed between Barnes' own transcriptions of Glass's Orphee and the Liszt will be selected Greek Orthodox chant poignantly exploring these same themes of sacrificial love, a journey to the underworld, and ultimate resurrection.



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