Pietro Piccoli, Vele e Barcone con Stracci (Tattered Sails and Boats), Mixed Media on Canvas

On The Horizon

Mar 2 – Mar 30
Every Mon-Sat10am – 5pm
Sat, Mar 26pm – 9pm


R. Alexander presents On the Horizon, the upcoming exhibition featuring paintings by Pietro Piccoli.

Pietro Piccoli was born in a small town in central Italy. He honed his artistic skills at an early age and pursued a formal artistic career in Rome, an epicenter of creative energy in the 1970s. After exposure to various art forms, artists, and travels, Piccoli transitioned into an experimental phase in his career and explored the geometric abstractions of landscape, seascapes, and florals. Influences of Impressionism, Expressionism, and Fauvism aided him in the definition of his artistic vision. Today, his artwork focuses on bright colors, theatrical lighting, and geometric forms in order to represent views of Mediterranean culture


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