Hate Is Wrong Inclusion Panel

Jan 29
Tue, Jan 291pm – 3:30pm


The National Center for Civil and Human Rights is very excited to introduce the 2019 Hate is Wrong Inclusion Panel, sponsored by the Minnesota Vikings. The Inclusion Panel will address a discussion of LGBT involvement in sports generally, but primarily of such involvement in the NFL.

The discussion will help shed away any unfounded biases people have and tackle the issue objectively and fairly. In line with this, we want to cover a broad array of related topics and perspectives. This includes having panelists from within NFL management, from private ancillary businesses (like Adidas, etc), professional athletes, coaches, team owners, and similar people tied to the sporting, and NFL, franchise. Panelists will cover everything from personal experiences in the industry, religious and personal beliefs, the business side of the issue (i.e., effects on revenue, fan base, etc), anticipated future developments from their respective role, etc.



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