Photo courtesy of Fox Theatre

Fox Theatre Ghost Tours

Oct 17, 2017 – Oct 30, 2017
Every day6am – 9pm
General Admission: $30 adv
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Spooks and scares will be around every shadowy corner as guides recount supernatural tales collected from theatre staff and contractors over the years. Most notably, guests may experience a chill as they enter the boiler room, which is the current residence of the Fox’s most famous ghost – Roosevelt. Roosevelt maintained the Fox Theatre’s boiler room until his passing in 1945. Since then, it is rumored that he still “works” in the boiler room – stoking the fire and cleaning the burners to keep the Fox Theatre warm throughout the winter. If you disturb him while he works, he may slam doors, hit things and turn off lights to shock his unruly guests. Other spooky stops include the hospital room, power room and sub-basement areas, including the stage freight elevator.
Over the years, many of the staff and more than a few patrons have claimed to have felt a sudden blast of cold air, seen a shadowy figure float along the walls or heard the slow creaking of a door shutting close without cause . . . will you?


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