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Escape The Nest!

Aug 9 – Aug 31
Every Fri-Sat4pm – 9pm
General Admission$26 adv
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You’re invited to an evening cocktail party at The Wren’s Nest, in West End, Atlanta. But be forewarned: Joel Chandler Harris, the previous owner of the house, is a notorious prankster! Famous for his Brer Rabbit stories, Harris is arguably just as tricky as his beloved character. His ghost treads through the house looking for his next prank victim, locking doors behind his guests and only letting them out if they can solve his clues. Are you up for the challenge?

Escape the Nest is based on the popular escape room game model. In this interactive game, groups of guests must work together to solve puzzles and riddles, finding codes that open a series of locks until they ultimately find the key to the exit. At The Wren’s Nest, our guests play within Georgia’s oldest historic house museum. The Queen Anne Victorian style house creates an ambiance that will make guests feel as they’re playing a real-life game of Clue.


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