Erin Jane Nelson
Photo courtesy of Atlanta Contemporary Art Center

Erin Jane Nelson – Her Deepness

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Erin Jane Nelson


In the recent debate over the “national emergency” to build part of the wall on the U.S. border with Mexico, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said that he feared today’s border security emergency could lead to Democrats using the same tactic for climate change. This was seen as especially ironic as South Florida, including Rubio’s hometown of Miami, is said to be the most vulnerable region in the country based on the effects of rising sea levels.

Atlanta-based Erin Jane Nelson has been traveling around the American Southeast to barrier islands and coastal wetlands that are rapidly eroding and disappearing. Where there once was a vanishing point, a clear view of the past, the future, and where we currently stand, that is now gone. There is no resolution, just a misty horizon. With photography collaged and stitched into fabric and ceramic works, she creates foreboding memorials to our natural world. When the works attempt to shout through the haze, there are traces of defeat and guilt, of hope and courage.



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