Dileep Mehta
Olowe Epa Mask, Yoruba Culture, Nigeria, Africa, Collection of Dileep and Martha Mehta

Dileep Mehta: Court Art vs. Community Art

Apr 10
Wed, Apr 107pm – 8pm
General Admission: $5
Dileep Mehta


Dileep Mehta will discuss his collection through the rubric of comparing court and community art, such as the work of Yoruba sculptor Olowe of Ise (1873-1938) whose fame started with the patronage of King Arinjale and spread throughout eastern Yorubaland. OUMA members Dileep and Martha Mehta are collectors of African and Asian arts. Their African collection, including objects in the exhibition Stories Without an End, has greatly benefited from diligent sourcing by and wise counsel of African art dealer Tamba Kaba and Sansoussi Kalle.

The OUMA Lecture Series is presented in conjunction with the exhibition Stories Without an End: Power, Beauty and Wisdom of Women in African Art of the Mehta Collection on view in Oglethorpe University Museum of Art now through April 21, 2019.


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