Cuba And Flamenco

Feb 2
Sat, Feb 26pm – 9pm
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At the crossroads of commerce, power, and civilizations, Cuba has repeatedly experienced points of inflection in the arts. Some of the creative expressions that were present historically in the Caribbean island took on new meaning in the 19th century when they pervaded circles of artists who were giving life to an emerging culture industry that would soon capture the world’s attention: the art of flamenco.

A new production by Berdolé highlights the cultural footprints of Cuba and other parts of Latin America, which shaped the flamenco aesthetic. A unique mixture of rhythm, music, and movement familiar to South America, Europe, and Africa, influenced the cantes de ida y vuelta, and was part of a continuum that gave rise to music on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

A cast of dancers and musicians performs the portion of the flamenco canon that developed after Atlantic crossings produced this new musical base in Andalusia. The cast includes resident artists from Spain in collaboration with Atlanta-based flamenco artists. Resident artists are performing while in Atlanta to teach classes to youth as part of the after-school program of A Través.

This event takes place at:
Atlanta Cuban Club
5797 New Peachtree Rd
Doraville, GA 30340



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