‘Making Waves’ Explores The Art Of Sound In Film

"Making Waves"
“Making Waves” will be shown at the Plaza Theatre from Dec. 13 to 19. (Credit: Midge Costin)

The last time “City Lights” host Lois Reitzes spoke with filmmaker Karen Johnson, she had just released “Kusama: Infinity,” a documentary about Yayoi Kusama, the visual artist most famous for her mirrored rooms and dotted paintings.

Johnson’s new film is about another type of artist, the sound designer.

It’s called “Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound” and demonstrates the history and use of sound in film.

Award-winning directors George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, David Lynch and Barbra Streisand have explained why sound is as important for a film as what’s depicted on screen.

Johnson joined Reitzes on a recent episode of “City Lights” to talk about her collaborators and the origin of “Making Waves.”

The film will be shown from Dec. 13 to 19 at the Plaza Theatre.

It just received a nomination for a Cinema Audio Society Award for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing.

This story was originally published with audio on WABE.org.


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