The Annual Fan Favorite, ‘Invasion: Christmas Carol,’ Returns To Dad’s Garage

Invasion Christmas Carol
“Invasion: Christmas Carol” is an annual fan favorite at Dad’s Garage. (Courtesy of Dad’s Garage)

Living in London during the 1800s probably wasn’t as cheery as the characters of “A Christmas Carol” made it seem.

Invasion: Christmas Carol” returns to the stage at Dad’s Garage, this time with a look at the realities those Charles Dickens characters faced in Victorian London.

Director Amber Nash brings a darker perspective on the classic tale.

“This year, I really wanted to focus on the fact that ‘Christmas Carol’ is a ghost story,” she said. “It’s a scary story, and there’s definitely some darker elements than I think people are used to seeing at the beginning of the show.”

While the tale is being played out, Ebenezer Scrooge will encounter a new “invader” each night. The twist: he won’t know who the invader is until they step out on stage.

“Scrooge is a really cool part because he really is just one note – mean. It really is a story about someone going through a lot and learning about who they really are and figuring out that they’re wrong and can change,” said actor Ed Morgan on his portrayal of Scrooge.

“City Lights” host Lois Reitzes spoke with Nash and Morgan about the show.

The show will be on stage Nov. 29 through Dec. 28.

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