Georgia Tech Symphony Orchestra Reimagines Classic Silent Films With New Compositions

Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin
Classic silent films with Harold Lloyd and Charlie Chaplin will be shown at Friday night’s event. CREDIT COURTESY OF FERST CENTER FOR THE ARTS

The Georgia Tech Symphony Orchestra will perform newly created music to some iconic silent movies Friday evening at the Ferst Center for the Arts.

Memorable films such as “The Vagabond,” Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd in “Safety Last,” and Jean Renoir’s “The Little Match Girl” will be screened accompanied by the orchestra. The new compositions were tailored scores by French composer Gaëll Lozac’H.

Lois Reitzes, host of “City Lights,” spoke with the conductor, Dr. Chaowen Ting, about “Changing Score: Classic Films Reimagined.”

Ting explained how this event showcases the importance of arts and culture at Tech.

“Whenever you think about Georgia Tech, you think about engineers. Very rarely do people think about the music activity outside of the marching band. We have a large community that is participating in music activities. We have four choirs, two orchestras, and two jazz bands. We have a lot of students at Georgia Tech who are passionate about arts and music and having another non-technological outlet to express their emotions and feelings,” Ting said.

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