Actor’s Express’ ‘Skintight’ Takes ‘Robbing the Cradle’ To A Whole New Level

Actor’s Express production of “Skintight” is on stage now through Oct. 13. (Casey Gardner Photography)

Actor’s Express is “robbing the cradle” in their latest production of “Skintight.” The show follows a middle-aged woman who tries to surprise her father on his 70th birthday. Instead she gets her own surprise … her dad’s new 20-year-old boyfriend.

The show hilariously analyzes America’s obsession with youth, sex and physical beauty. Lois Reitzes spoke with director Freddie Ashley and actor Wendy Melkonian, who portrays Jodi, about the show.

“One of the strength’s of the playwright, Josh Harmon’s writing is that the audience makes assumptions that Trey [the 20-year-old] is a gold digger or that he has other intentions and that also could be true on some level, but you discover that he is kind of a naive, unsophisticated kid who’s had a hard life and is coming at this relationship in a more innocent place than some of the other characters,” said Ashley.

The production of “Skintight” is on stage now through Oct. 13 at the King plow Arts Center.

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