‘Archer’ Cast Members Discuss The Show’s 10th Season

From left, creator/executive producer/writer Ray Gillette, executive producer Matt Thompson, cast members H. Jon Benjamin, Jessica Walter, Judy Greer, Amber Nash, Chris Parnell and Lucky Yates participate in the “Archer” panel at the FX Winter TCA Press Tour in 2014.

Archer: 1999 takes place in the deep abyss of space with giant aliens and a trusted team of bounty hunters.

H. Jon Benjamin is still the voice of Archer, who is now the captain of the spaceship. He is joined by his co-captain and ex-wife Lane Kane, Malory Archer, Cheryl/Carol Tunt, Cyril Figgis, Pam Poovey, Ray Gillette, and Dr. Krieger.

City Lights host Lois Reitzes spoke with two of the cast members, Amber Nash (who portrays Pam Poovey) and Lucky Yates (who portrays Dr. Krieger). The FXX hit animated series is currently in its 10th season.

“It seems like 10 years hasn’t gone by, it’s amazing that this is happening and that we get to voice it here in Atlanta. We didn’t have to leave our home to make this show happen,” Nash said.

This story was originally published with audio on WABE.org.

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