Atlanta Photographer Michael Parvin Creates Nostalgic Photographs Of ‘Objects Once Familiar’

Atlanta photographer Michael Parvin narrowed down his black and white photographs from 300 images to 40 in order to create his new book “Objects Once Familiar.” (Courtesy of Michael Parvin)

Think back to your grandparents or great-grandparents home. Did they have a rotary phone in their living room? How about a rickety metal hand mixer in the kitchen?

These “Objects that were once familiar” have been captured by Atlanta photographer Michael Parvin. His black-and-white photographs have been compiled into a book that analyzes the overlooked beauties from past memories. He took the photographs of antiques that were passed down to him, his friends and family members.

From the 300 black-and-white photographs that he took, he narrowed down the book to only 40 photographs. Most of the photographs were shot digitally, but his film background helped him understand light and contrast in order to create the grayscale memories.

“I do my best work in black-and-white, I actually see in black-and-white [when photographing],” said Parvin. “When I’m positioning those images and moving the lights around to try and enhance certain details, I can tell you what that’s going to look like in black-and-white.”

You can find his book “Objects Once Familiar” online for purchase.

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