Pulitzer-Prize Winning Play ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ Returns To The Stage At Georgia Ensemble

Jill Jane Clements, who plays Daisy, and Rob Cleveland, who plays Hoke will be performing at the Georgia Ensemble Theatre through March 17.

This year’s Oscar for Best Motion Picture was awarded to “Green Book.” The film brought Déjà vu to many of those familiar with the classic “Driving Miss Daisy.”

Both movies had won the same award and both told the story of an unlikely friendship between chauffeur and passenger.

“Driving Miss Daisy” portrays the relationship between an elderly Southern woman, Daisy Werthan and her driver, Hoke Colburn, over a period of three decades.

Georgia Ensemble Theatre is bringing back the Broadway hit tonight through March 17. Lois Reitzes discussed the play with director Laurel Crowe with actor Rob Cleveland, who plays Hoke.

The play is set against the beautiful historical backdrop of Atlanta’s development through the mid-20th century.

Alfred Uhry, the playwright, wrote his Atlanta Trilogy based on his own experiences living in Atlanta and growing up in a southern Jewish family. The play was based off the relationship he saw between his elderly grandmother and her chauffeur.

Before Alfred Uhry adapted it to the classic film (which stars Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy), he created it into a play.

Laurel Crowe, Lois Reitzes and Rob Cleveland]. Photo Credit: Summer Evans

It premiered Off Broadway in 1987 and ran there for three years. In 1988, it had its regional premiere at the Alliance, which was directed by Bob Farley, and it won a Pulitzer Prize.

In memoriam of Bob Farley, his daughter Laurel Crowe, will be directing “Driving Miss Daisy” for the first time at Georgia Ensemble Theatre.

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