The Cyclorama Finds A New Home At The Atlanta History Center

The Cyclorama has been fully restored and given new life at the Atlanta History Center. CREDIT ATLANTA HISTORY CENTER

After 130 years, the Cyclorama moved from its home in Grant Park to the Atlanta History Center. The painting has since been restored to showcase “The 1864 Battle of Atlanta.”

Over the years the Cyclorama has had conflicting interpretations. Now, through new technology and digital resources, the History Center offers a new 360-degree perspective of Atlanta’s shared history on the Civil War.

Courtesy of Hales Photos

Producer Myke Johns spoke with Sheffield Hale, the Atlanta History Center’s President and CEO, ahead of the unveiling.

You can see the opening this weekend at the Atlanta History Center. There will be a “Cyclorama Characters Debut” on Saturday at 10 a.m. Paul Atkinson will explain the purchase and various interpretations of the Cyclorama.

Courtesy of Hales Photos

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