Tickets Now On Sale For Atlanta Botanical Garden Light Show

In the “Nature’s Wonders” display at the upcoming Atlanta Botanical Garden holiday light show, guests will be immersed in cutting-edge technology to be choreographed to music and sound effects. Photo credit: Virginie Kippelen/WABE File

Tickets are now on sale for the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s highly anticipated holiday lights show.

The 8th annual “Garden Lights, Holiday Lights” will be open on Nov. 17.

Thousands of lights will illuminate the garden’s grounds while the show runs nightly until Jan. 6 from 5 to 11 p.m.

The “Nature’s Wonders” light installation will also be returning to the garden above the Canopy Walk. More than 70,000 color changing LED light pixels will make it the biggest synchronized curtain of lights in the world. The bulbs will project images, such as the Northern Lights and a snowfall.

A white light tunnel will brighten up the new Skyline Garden, and plant sculptures, such as the Phoenix and the Pegasus, from the “Imaginary Worlds” exhibit will be adorned in lights.

Ticket prices vary based on if it’s a Value Night ($19.95 for Adult Advance General Admission), Regular Night ($24.95 for Adult Advance General Admission) or Peak Night ($29.95 for Adult Advance General Admission).

See the light show through hologram glasses by purchasing a premium ticket for an extra $10. The pass also includes a drink ticket. Adult and children tickets can be bought online or over the phone.

Tickets purchased after 4 p.m. on the day of the event will be $5 more, and Night Light Tickets are available for purchase onsite after 9 p.m. for $14.95 for General Admission. Visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s website for more information.

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