Dad’s Garage Expands High School Improv Program Statewide

Dad’s Garage is expanding its High School Outreach and Education program to include students in the entire state of Georgia. (Courtesy of Dad’s Garage)

Dad’s Garage Theatre Company wants to make improv more than an extracurricular activity, so, it’s empowering high school educators to teach it for free.

The theatre company recently announced that it’s expanding its High School Outreach and Education program to include students in the entire state of Georgia.The program used to reach students in metro Atlanta.

Dad’s Garage says having improv in class can help teach students respect, collaboration and understanding, and also, students who are interested would have a gateway to the arts.

“It’s a very silly and fun way to teach very important life skills — a way that engages students rather than just sort of lectures to them. It’s a great time for the teacher as well,” said Ed Morgan, Dad’s Garage’s associate artistic director and director of education.

Dad’s Garage will provide interested educators with materials that teach the basics of improv, including video content, worksheets, activities, games and a teaching guide.

The improv program allows high schools a chance to be exposed to a new skill and the arts more generally, according to Dad’s Garage. (Courtesy of Dad’s Garage)

The 10-week program also conforms to ELA/GASE and Theatre Arts GPS standards and allows educators to teach the course without having to be an expert in the subject.

Dad’s Garage offers an eight-week improv class for $235, and Morgan said the high school course is essentially a condensed version of that program.

“It’s valuable enough that high school students should have a taste of it for free,” Morgan said.

Interested high school educators, including those from home school co-ops, can read more about this program and request course materials through the program’s webpage.

As defined by Dad’s Garage Theatre, improvisation (improv) is “the art of creation in the spur of the moment.”

“I would encourage teachers across the metro Atlanta area and the state of Georgia to consider a program like this because it’s easy, it’s fun, it’s very valuable and they’re going to have a great time doing this,” Morgan said. “I can’t think of a better way to integrate the arts into a school curriculum.”

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