7 Easy Tips To Survive Atlanta’s Music Midtown 2017

Music Midtown 2017 returns to Piedmont Park Sept. 16 and 17. Photo courtesy of Music Midtown.
Brush up on our tips to surviving Music Midtown before heading to Piedmont Park this weekend, Sept. 16 and 17, 2017. Photo courtesy of Live Nation.

Atlanta’s music festival season winds down with one of the most anticipated festivals, Music Midtown. But attending a large festival like this can be overwhelming for both newbies and seasoned pros.

Check out these tips to help you get the most out of your Music Midtown experience, then check out our Atlanta Festivals Guide to find the next festival you should add to your calendar.

1. Choose Your Transportation Wisely

Music Midtown is located at Piedmont Park, a central point in Atlanta. But that means potential transportation challenges. Parking can be difficult, so consider leaving the car at home (or park it at one of MARTA’s free station decks), and be creative on how you arrive at the festival. Use a ride-hailing service, walk the Atlanta BeltLine, or ride your bike. Music Midtown has a bike valet where you can park your bike and retrieve it when you’re ready to leave.

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2. Stay Hydrated

Atlanta residents know that summer, and even early fall, can be hot, so it’s important to stay hydrated while you’re having fun at Atlanta music festivals. Check the festival map for water stations, and do your research ahead of time to see if you can bring a factory-sealed water bottle or your own (empty) reusable one through the gates.

Download The Music Midtown Festival Map >

3. Leave The Extras At Home

There’s a short list of items that are allowed into music festivals, and it varies for each. Be sure to check your festival’s website ahead of time so you do not have to throw away your beloved umbrella, reliable selfie stick or favorite backpack at the gate. And remember, anything you bring into the gate is something you have to carry around all day. So be selective about how much you want to carry with you.

4. Check The Schedule Ahead Of Time

Most of Atlanta’s music festivals have multiple stages with simultaneous schedules. Planning ahead to determine which bands are on your “must-see” list and which ones you could skip could make your weekend a lot easier. Get your schedule set ahead of time and you won’t miss your favorite band’s performance. Also try to leave some extra time to listen to bands you’ve never heard of – they could become your new favorite.

5. Download The Mobile App And Map

If the Atlanta music festivals on your to do list offer a mobile app and downloadable map, be sure to grab them both ahead of time. You can stay in-the-know about the latest news, weather updates and schedule changes with some of the apps. Be sure to download the map to your phone even before you arrive at the festival, because cell coverage can sometimes be unreliable with thousands of attendees using the networks at once. Pay special attention to the stage locations, water stations and first aid tents on the map.

6. Check The Weather

Music festivals are a rain-or-shine event, so plan accordingly! Don’t want to get wet if it rains? Pack a raincoat or plastic poncho (umbrellas are typically not allowed). Worried about being in the sun all day? Bring a hat and a small bottle of sunscreen, but leave the aerosol bottles of spray sunscreen at home – they’re often on the list of prohibited items as well.

7. Don’t Mess With The Wristband

One of the biggest things that could ruin your experience at ticketed Atlanta music festivals is messing up your admission wristband. Music Midtown is upgrading the paperless experience with high tech wristbands that serve as your ticket into the gate, your method of paying for food and drink, and your way of getting back in on day two. Sometimes taking it off in between festival days can make it invalid at the gate on day two. So once it’s on, leave it on until the festival concludes.

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