Atlanta Contemporary Reopens After Capital Improvements

The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center reopens this weekend.
The Atlanta Contemporary, closed during the month of August, has been undergoing improvements to its space on Means Street. Photo by Myke Johns courtesy of WABE.

With the sometimes-enormous works of art installed in its galleries, the Atlanta Contemporary can sound like a construction zone more often than you might think.

But in the week leading up to its reopening, it is literally a work site. Standing in the main galleries, one catches occasional glimpses of workers through the skylights.

The Contemporary has been closed for the month of August. The art center has been making improvements to its space on Means Street. The reopening was Aug. 26 at its annual Art Party fundraiser.

“We actually received funding for a new roof,” explains executive director Veronica Kessenich over the sounds of hammering from above. “Sometimes I think radical changes don’t occur that are perceptive to the naked eye, but are absolutely intrinsic to the mission.”

In this case, that means literally keeping a roof over their heads. This is a part of a number of capital improvements that the organization has made.

Find out what other improvements were made at Atlanta Contemporary Art Center and hear an audio interview from our partner news site, >

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